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Voting on SEBAC Health & Pension Extension Tentative Agreement

AAG union members will have the opportunity the week of Monday, July 10 to cast their ballots on tentative agreements (TAs) reached to protect state employees' healthcare and retirement security.

State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) union leaders in late June approved a tentative agreement (TA) for protecting members' jobs and stabilizing benefits based on a  framework adopted the month before. Significantly, the TA extends health and retirement benefits an additional five years, through 2027.

Association of Connecticut Assistant Attorneys General members who have already signed an AFT Connecticut membership card will appear on the list of voters. AAGs who have not signed a card, in accordance with AFT and AFT CT’s Constitution and By-Laws, will need to sign one before casting their vote. Additionally, a photo ID will be required to vote.

AFT CT President Jan Hochadel and Secretary-Treasurer Ed Leavy have attended every SEBAC labor cost savings discussion with the governor’s administration since last November. One will be at each voting location to answer any last minute questions AAGs may have before casting their ballots on this very important agreement.

Click here for the formal TA, signed by the chief negotiators for SEBAC and the administration.

Locations and times for voting:

Monday, July 10th:

-UConn Law School, Hartford, Chase Hall Room 110, 10am-2pm

-1 Long Warf Drive, New Haven, Jessica Gauvin's office, 11am-2pm

Tuesday, July 11th:

-55 Elm St, Hartford, AGO Conference Room, 11am-3pm

-10 Franklin Square, New Britain, Adjudications Conference Room, 11am-1pm

Wednesday, July 12th:

-55 Elm St, Hartford, AGO Conference Room, 8am-12pm

-55 West Main St, Waterbury, 1st floor Conference Room, 1pm-2pm

Click here to send any questions or concerns to AFT CT President Hochadel.

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